CMHC Insured Mortgages

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is Canada’s provider of mortgage loan insurance for the construction, purchase and refinancing of multi-unit commercial real estate properties, including rental buildings, licensed care facilities and retirement homes.

Lower Down Payment. More Competitive Interest Rates.

CMHC Mortgage Loan Insurance enables approved lenders to help borrowers purchase multi-unit properties with a minimum of 15% down. Borrowers can also access competitive interest rates for the life of the mortgage and enjoy reduced renewal risk. A CMHC mortgage provides a number of flexible financing terms available including extended amortization periods and fixed and floating interest rates and is available for first and second mortgage products.

CMHC Benefits

  • Flexibility – Borrowers can obtain mortgage financing up to 85% of the lending value of the property.
  • Lower Interest Rates – CMHC insured financing provides access to competitive interest rates for the life of the mortgage
  • Reduced Renewal Risk – CMHC Mortgage Loan Insurance offers product features that meet project financing needs and facilitate renewals
  • Availability – Available for new and existing multi-unit residential properties including rental, student housing, retirement and long-term care facilities located from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

Lending Options

  • Transaction Size: No Limits
  • Term: 1 to 10 Years

  • Amortization: Up to 40 Years

  • Loan to Value: Up To 85%

  • Interest Rates: Starting at 3.50%

Rates and terms can change without notice. All transactions are subject to underwriting and written approval.

CMHC Insured Mortgages

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