Lanyard Financial Commercial Mortgages

Lanyard Financial Corporation has been involved in mortgage secured lending since 1999. The principal focus of the lending business consists of bridge loans with first mortgage security against real property. The majority of Lanyard loans pay monthly interest at a rate of 6% to 9%.

Lanyard Financial Commercial Mortgages

Lanyard Financial

We provide commercial mortgages through Lanyard Financial Group of Companies for many commercial projects across Canada. Lanyard’s lending program focuses on interest-only loans with a term of one year, extendible for one additional year at the option of the borrower. Lanyard offers no penalty on pre-payment subject to minimum interest in the order of six months. A project reserve to cover development costs can be established from loan proceeds for development projects in certain circumstances. Second mortgage loans can be arranged in cases where lending value is relatively low in regard to the value of the underlying security. Fees are payable by the borrower from the proceeds of each loan arrangement.

Lanyard Approved Property Types

  • Multi-Family
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Industrial

  • Multi-Purpose

Lanyard Commercial Mortgage Options

  • Deal Type: Purchase, Refinance, Construction
  • Transaction Size: $1 Million to $20 Million
  • Term: 12 to 24 Months
  • Rates: 5.95% to 8.75%
  • Products: Fixed, Variable or Interest Only

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