Weyburn Commercial Mortgages

We provide commercial real estate financing in Weyburn Saskatchewan. Our commercial mortgage team has access to lenders all across Canada providing commercial mortgage products for nearly every commercial real estate property or new development in Weyburn Saskatchewan.

Weyburn Commercial Mortgages

Commercial Financing in Weyburn Saskatchewan

Commercial real estate mortgages in Weyburn Saskatchewan are typically available up to 75% of the appraised value or as high as 85% for multi-family properties under the CMHC insured program. Amortization periods can extend up to 40 years depending on the building age, location, physical condition, lease profile, available debt service and building use. Key variables negotiated for each transaction can include fixed or floating rates, forward start arrangements, interest only or amortizing payment schedules, demand or committed facilities, duration of term, financial covenants and form of recourse.

Understanding the local Weyburn real estate market, its economics and trends, combined with a strong network of commercial lenders across Canada allows our Weyburn commercial lending team to provide our customers with the most competitive financing available for all your commercial real estate needs in Weyburn.

Our Weyburn Commercial Mortgage Lenders

Affinity Credit Union Commercial Mortgages
BDC Commercial Mortgages
BMO Commercial Mortgages
CMLS Financial Commercial Mortgages
CWB Commercial Mortgages
First National Commercial Mortgages
Fisgard Commercial Mortgages
Lanyard Commercial Mortgages
Moskowitz Capital Commercial Mortgages
Peace Hills Trust Commercial Mortgages
Prime West Commercial Mortgages
RBC Royal Bank Commercial Mortgages
Scotiabank Commercial Mortgages
Trez Capital Commercial Mortgages

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